Ice Queen

When the Ice Queen walked into town
wearing a snow-white velvet gown
when the sun, lightened her face
my eyes were blinded by beauty and grace

From one day i …



Save a prayer for the world
Save a prayer for the greedy
who think a soul is made of dollars.

Save a prayer for the violent
who think god is …


Stay at Home

I stay at home
All alone
I’m stranded on my own

In the garden
I hear the birds sing
They’re the warden
of a newborn spring

They seem happy
and …


Gloomy Day

Days double the daze,
embrace the mellow maze
feel the grace when gloomy days
wake up with a sleepy face

daffodils down the drain
you can feel their pain
on …


Peace of Mind

Where can I find
some peace of mind
Where can I go
I just don’t know

My love
Far away
On the video chat
We talk every day

Limited by …



These are the days
of reflection
These are the hours
of resurrection

These are the minutes
to stand still
These are the seconds
to feel the chill

I’m back in …



Little Lenny
holds his grandmother’s hand
a strong wind’s blowing
in a river land

Going to the bakery
where he starts to sing
Four years of innocence
he’s the king…



She’s a vampire
but she won’t bite
she’s a vampire
she’s out of sight

she’s a vampire
she steals your heart
for the moon
is ready to part

on the …


The Music Man

The music man thinks of the place
where the muse had passed with so much grace
was it real or was it a dream?
Sometimes things are not what they …



Serene i feel
the embrace of a smile
and all i want
is to stay for a while
the island dream
slumbers in here
the sirens song
like a whisper …