Troubadour Electrique Anthology

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Your download includes: free bonus album: Vampire in Wonderland ep

“Step into a world where dreams and reality dance together on a groovy bed of rhythm and melodies…..”

Troubadour Electrique Anthology brings my favorite songs in one place. Many of them reflect the image of the ancient troubadour, transformed in a modern 21st century electric troubadour who sings his songs of love and desire, songs that flow through the gates of mystery and wander beyond the mystic doorstep….

Enjoy the songs & lyrics. Click on the link to read the full story.

Troubadour ElectriqueFade Away Ice QueenWonderlandPrayerOcean of LoveLullaby for Early Morning HuntersMove it up Shake it downBehind the DoorStay at HomeSilence in the StreetGloomy DayPeace of MindDays of ReflectionLennyThe Dream Girl Couldn’t SleepVampireThe Blues and the MuseThe Siren The Music ManCatch a Lightning Ray Serene

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