venus had a crush on mars

Venus had a Crush on Mars

It was the talk among the stars
Venus had a crush on Mars
Breaking news in space
about Venus and her embrace

She said, Baby my desire
to set your heart on fire
Melt down the senses
in spite of the consequences
Intoxicate your mind
and then leave it all behind

Mars was turning red
when he heard what Venus said
He couldn’t believe his ears
and could only burst out in tears

How can you desire
to set my heart on fire
The stars will tumble down
and the sky browse a frown
The whole universe
will face the immortal curse

It was the talk among the stars
Venus had a crush on Mars

Troubadour Electrique Anthology by Len

Troubadour Electrique Anthology by Len

Len Troubadour Electrique Troubadour Electrique Anthology

“Songs that take you to a world where dreams and reality dance together on a groovy bed of rhythm and melodies.”

Len’s best songs & lyrics gathered on one album 

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