Max Cooper – Unbounded –

Max Cooper: “This chapter comes towards the end of the Emergence story, after all of the physical world around us has been established by following through the action of the simple building blocks of nature. I wanted to finish the LP with the progression left open-ended, the laws of nature being unbounded and any particular consequences impermanent and ever changing.

The best way to present this seemed to be with an infinite fractal zoom, where we experience delving into a system that seems to have no end. But the problem was that I really don’t like most fractal zoom videos, as it’s a technique that has been much overused, and often relies on the same methods of synthesis which have a particular recognisable aesthetic.

Luckily for me someone got in touch to suggest Morgan Beringer’s work to me, which I loved, so we started chatting about video ideas, and it seemed that Morgan might be able to pull off a new way of the presenting the unbounded zoom! Safely to say, he did an amazing job with this, with his warping saturating abstraction and hints of traditional fractals.”

Morgan Beringer: “The main structure of the video ‘revolves’ around an infinite spiral/zoom effect that is realized using an animated form of the Droste effect, combined with my trademark style of abstract visuals that continuously move in somewhat unpredictable manners. It is the first time I have combined both and a lot of experimenting and trial and error was employed before I found a combination that worked best.When combined, the overall theme of an unbounded form was expressed via both the chaotic structure of the form and the infinite motion of the spiral.”

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