THE SEEDS -The Seeds (Vinyl)

The Seeds were an American psychedelic garage rock band from Los Angeles. They have been among the most frequently cited pre-punk influences by American punk musicians since the 1970s. The band’s classic line-up featured frontman Sky Saxon, guitarist Jan Savage, keyboardist Daryl Hooper and drummer Rick Andridge

THE SEEDS -The Seeds (1966)
00:00 Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
03:02 No Escape
05:22 Lose Your Mind
07:38 Evil Hoodoo
12:52 Girl I Want You
15:19 Pushin’ Too Hard
17:54 Try To Understand
20:48 Nobody Spoil My Fun
24:45 It’s A Hard Life
27:28 You Can’t Be Trusted
29:40 Excuse, Excuse
32:02 Fallin’ In Love

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