The R̲o̲lling S̲tones – B̲etween T̲he B̲uttons 1967

The R̲o̲lling S̲tones – B̲etween T̲he B̲uttons is among the band’s most musically eclectic works. Multi-instrumentalist Brian Jones abandoned his guitar on much of the album and playing a wide variety of other instruments including organ, marimba, vibraphone, and kazoo. Piano contributions came from two session players: former Rolling Stones member Ian Stewart and frequent contributor Jack Nitzsche. It would be the last album produced by Andrew Loog Oldham, who had to this point acted as the band’s manager and produced all of their albums.
This is the UK edition without the songs Let’s spend the Night Together and Ruby Tuesday that appeared on the US version. This album contains the songs “My Obsession” and “Back Street Girl” that are not on the US lp.
No. Title Length
1. “Yesterday’s Papers” 2:20
2. “My Obsession” 3:20
3. “Back Street Girl” 3:22
4. “Connection” 2:13
5. “She Smiled Sweetly” 2:42
6. “Cool, Calm & Collected” 4:15
Total length: 18:12
Side twoNo. Title Length
1. “All Sold Out” 2:15
2. “Please Go Home” 3:14
3. “Who’s Been Sleeping Here?” 3:51
4. “Complicated” 3:18
5. “Miss Amanda Jones” 2:48
6. “Something Happened to Me Yesterday” 4:58
Total length: 20:24

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