Robbie Basho – Venus In Cancer

Notes from Robbie Basho: Once upon a time it seemed to me that all the good things that came to me were dressed in the Zodiacal sign of CANCER. Then I found out that my “VENUS” was in CANCER. And then I discovered a great song on a very CANCER – Like summerlike day in the company of a lovely VENUS, also CANCER. And so the birth of a Musical Realm called VENUS IN CANCER.
“Astrology should be a beautiful slave, never ones master.”

1. Venus In Cancer 0:00
2. Eagle Sails The Blue Diamond Waters 9:30
3. Kowaka D’Amour 16:15
4. Song For The Queen 26:10
5. Cathedrals Et Fleur De Lis 35:36
6. Wine Song (Sweet Wine Of Love) 43:37

Released in 1969 on Blue Thumb.

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