Pere Ubu – The Modern Dance (Full Album)

The debut album by Peru Ubu released in january 1978. British Rock Magazine NME listed it nr 11 of best albums of that year. Rolling Stone, called it vivid and exhilarating, even if “harsh and willfully ugly”
Pere Ubu got it’s name from a theatre play by Alfred Jarry called Ubu Roi.
All tracks are written by Pere Ubu (David Thomas, Tom Herman, Allen Ravenstine, Tony Maimone and Scott Krauss), except where noted.
1. “Non-Alignment Pact” 3:18
2. “The Modern Dance” 3:28
3. “Laughing” 4:35
4. “Street Waves” 3:04
5. “Chinese Radiation” 3:27
6. “Life Stinks” Peter Laughner 1:52
7. “Real World” 3:59
8. “Over My Head” 3:48
9. “Sentimental Journey” 6:05
10. “Humor Me” 2:44

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