Ni̤c̤k̤ D̤r̤a̤k̤e̤ | Pi̤n̤k̤ M̤o̤o̤n̤

Pink Moon is the third and final studio album by the English musician Nick Drake. It was the only one of Drake’s studio albums to be released in North America during his lifetime. Pink Moon, like Drake’s previous studio albums, did not sell well during his lifetime, and it received a mixed response from critics. However, the album has since garnered significant critical acclaim.
Side One
1. “Pink Moon” 2:06
2. “Place to Be” 2:43
3. “Road” 2:02
4. “Which Will” 2:58
5. “Horn” 1:23
6. “Things Behind the Sun” 3:57
Side two
1. “Know” 2:26
2. “Parasite” 3:36
3. “Free Ride” 3:06
4. “Harvest Breed” 1:37
5. “From the Morning” 2:30

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