Mellow Candle – Swaddling Songs

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Side 1
1 Heaven Heath
2 Sheep Season
3 Silver Song
4 The Poet And The Witch
5 Messenger Birds
6 Dan The Wing
Side 2
1 Reverend Sisters
2 Break Your Token
3 Buy Or Beware
4 Vile Excesses
5 Lonely Man
6 Boulders On My Grave

One of the World’s Rarest Folk LP`s, Beautiful Music, by Irish Folk Rockers `Mellow Candle` called `Swaddling Songs` released on UK Deram Label in 1972, completely overlooked at the time now worth a fortune

Mellow Candle were a progressive folk rock band. Principally Irish, the members were also unusually young, Clodagh Simonds being only 15 and Alison Bools (later O’Donnell) and Maria White 16, and still at school, at the time of their first single, “Feelin’ High”, released in 1968 on Simon Napier-Bell’s SNB Records.
By 1972, the lineup had expanded to include Dave Williams on guitar, Frank Boylan on bass, and William Murray on drums. With this lineup in place, the band released their only album, Swaddling Songs (Deram Records), which was commercially unsuccessful at the time. Over the years, however, the lone album by the band has received considerable critical acclaim and original vinyl copies are now very valuable. Boylan was later replaced by Steve Borrill (ex-Spirogyra), but shortly afterwards the band split up.

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