JJ Cale Naturally 1972

JJ Cale album that contains ‘After Midnight’, a song that was also covered by Eric Clapton. JJ Cale about that song: “The original “After Midnight” I recorded was on Liberty Records on a 45-rpm, and it was fast. That was about 1967-68, maybe 69. But that was the original “After Midnight”, and that is what Clapton heard. If you listen to Eric Clapton’s record, what he did was imitate that. No one heard that first version I made of it. I tried to give the thing away, until he cut it and made it popular. So, when I recorded the Naturally album Denny Cordell, who ran Shelter Records at the time said, “John, why don’t you put ‘After Midnight’ on there because that is what people recognize you for?” I said, “Well, I’ve already got that on Liberty Records, and Eric Clapton’s already cut it, so if I’m going to do it again I’m going to do it slow.”

Side one

“Call Me the Breeze” – 2:35
“Call the Doctor” – 2:26
“Don’t Go to Strangers” – 2:22
“Woman I Love” – 2:36
“Magnolia” – 3:23
“Clyde” – 2:29

Side two

“Crazy Mama” – 2:22
“Nowhere to Run” – 2:26
“After Midnight” – 2:23
“River Runs Deep” – 2:42
“Bringing It Back” – 2:44
“Crying Eyes” – 3:13

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