Ḭn̰c̰r̰ḛd̰ḭb̰l̰ḛ ̰S̰t̰r̰ḭn̰g̰ Band–T̤h̤e̤ ̤H̤a̤n̤g̤m̤a̤n̤ ̤’̤s̤ ̤Beautiful Daughter (1968)

The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter is the third album by the Scottish psychedelic folk group, The Incredible String Band. Instrumentally, it was the ISB’s most complex and experimental album to date, featuring a wide array of exotic instruments. In addition, the album captured the band utilising multi-tracks and overdubbing.
Lyrically, the compositions reflected upon past themes of life, mythology, and religious properties in a free musical structure, esotericism becoming a consistent anchor in their recordings

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