Singing from the rooftops

He was baptized as Eduardo, but he never felt this name as his own, vagabond, paratrooper, go-getter, poetry lover, dreamer, Jean Genet-esque character… but most of all, artist: in fact, probably the last quick-change artist in the almost extinct Red-light district of Barcelona “el Chino”.
A born survivor, he has taken hard blows from life and overcome them all, especially like the unrequited devotion of his only true love: Margarita Carmen Cansino, better known as Rita Hayworth…or Gilda.
This is a tribute to an artist whom, at 90 years of age, keeps going on stage everyday to deliver his show. As his beloved poet Federico García Lorca once wrote: the sissy boys of the south sing on the rooftops; Gilda Love will carry on doing so.

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